Monday, May 13, 2013


This moment is definitely blog worthy so I am finally posting!

After nearly two years without training wheels Cannon finally decided to take the plunge and learn how to ride his bike! I kid you not when I say that his bike has literally been sitting in our garage for two years, unused! Now, I realize that 3 yrs old is probably a little young to learn to ride a bike minus the safety net of the training wheels, however, he was nearly 4 when he got the bike.  As an added drawback he got a scooter that Christmas and used that as his primary source off transportation and as a result had little desire to learn to ride his bike. So the fact that he was ready to learn was a BIG DEAL!

I have to tell you I was having some serious mommy moments as he was learning to ride.  The week before Brandon was out of town and I had been trying to talk Cannon in to surprising his dad by learning to ride his bike while he was gone.  I kept telling him how happy his dad would be if he got home from his trip and Cannon had learned this new skill! But alas, it was to no avail! Not to mention, the past year that we have been bribing Cannon with a prize if he would learn to ride his dang bike.  Still, he was NOT interested!

So Wednesday afternoon as all his friends departed he looked at his bike and I heard him quietly say to himself, "I am going to do this!" I of course had some serious doubts and didn't think much of it.  He grabbed his bike and his helmet and began going up and down our street.  I tried many times to help him and he kept shooing me away telling me "Mom, I can do this by myself, I don't need help." I was a little sad I will admit.  But as I stood on the sidelines and watched him persistently try, try again  I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with pride.  I could hear him giving himself little pep talks quietly saying things like "Never, never give up!" "You can do this!" "I am so awesome!" "My dad will be so happy that I can ride my bike." I was so impressed AND proud with him!

90 minutes later, we had a new bike rider! Now that is all he wants to do and he really is AWESOME!

And by the way, his dad was so PROUD of him.  He was in a state of shock when he got home, so much so that he put Cannon in the car and took him to get a reward for learning how to ride his bike (a new LEGO set of course) and treated him to dinner at his favorite place, McDonald's! Spoiled kid. Proud papa. BIG DEAL at the Ball house!

Even Grandpa Jeff joined in on the celebration promising Cannon that he would buy Cannon a fancy kick stand for his bike!

Love this moment! Love my Can-man!


Tisha and Mark said...

Way to go CanMan! That's awesome!