Monday, August 15, 2011

"My Buzz Lightyear Birthday Party!"

Pretty much since August 15 of last year Cannon has been talking about his Buzz Lightyear birthday! His birthday is August 14! Last year he had a green guitar cake. It was awesome! The only problem is now Cannon thinks every year there is a theme. He is always asking people what kind of birthday they are going to have, not how old are you? Well, how could I disappoint a sweet Innocent adorable 4 year old who just happens to be my best friend and I his. I couldn't! So he indeed had a Buzz Lightyear Birthday!

So what do you do for a Buzz Lightyear birthday party?
  • You invite a bunch of little Space Rangers
  • You host it at Starlight Command center
  • You have Pizza from Pizza Planet
  • You have purple Buzz juice
  • You have green alien cupcakes accompanied by Buzz
  • You have a bubble smashing contest with a bubble blaster
  • You play pin the parts on Mr. Potato Head
  • You have a Buzz glider throwing contest

and you let a bunch of space rangers enjoy their goody bags, play with presents and be absolutely adorable!

Day two of the Buzz Festivities
We had family over for Spaghetti and "Corn on the stick," not in the can.
That is Cannon's favorite dinner.
Yep he's 4!!!

After dinner we opened presents including a BUZZ Lightyear dress up!
Look at that face...PURE JOY! LOVE HIM!

Not so much pure joy in this pic but still pretty dang cute!
(All this kid has asked for for the last few months is superhero dress ups.)

He also got a some capes, a pirate costume, and iron man costume and fall clothes from mom and dad. A BUZZ Lightyear Blaster Gun and Optimus prime action figure from grandpa Grant and grandma Chris. An Optimus Prime dress up from grandpa Jeff and Diana, Cars2 Jammie's from grandma Karen. Money from great grandma and grandpa P and grandma Barrow and Becky.
Buzz (Cannon) and Iron Man (Sawyer)

Sadly we dove into my new little crush...BUZZ himself. He tasted delicious even though it was sad to see him go after the hours we spent together.
I made Cannon's cake and cupcakes and I couldn't have been happier with them. They turned out great and Cannon LOVED them!
I would say we had a pretty AWESOME birthday for a pretty cool 4 year old who takes us to INFINITY AND BEYOND every day! Happy Birthday!!!


Sara said...

wow! you go girl...wish you were my mom:) looks like a great time for all nice work!!!

Andrus Family said...

Uh Rache, that cake and those cupcakes look so professional!! Seriously, nice work. Looks like Cannon had a great birthday.

Heather said...

You are so talented! The cake and cupcakes were amazing!!!