Monday, November 19, 2012


Today I am thankful for....

No, no not these HOT 80's exercise fashions but for EXERCISE! 
(However, I have seen some ladies at my aerobics class who are hoping for a come back!) 
Today I am thankful for a body that allows me to exercise.  I am thankful for a teacher who is there everyday like the sun, thank you Jan!  I am thankful for the increased tempo she has been playing in class to make me push a little harder.  Most days I try to think of something better to do then realize I am lazy and fat and there is nothing better to do than to be brought to tears by the one and only Jan! I am thankful that for days after a work out I can feel the muscles in my body ache because at least I know I did something and something is better than nothing!  I am also thankful for the relief I feel after 60mins on the floor getting my sweat on.  I feel happy, accomplished, empowered and better about my waistline.  It makes my day run smoother, my kids seem better and things just get done.  So today it's hat's off to exercise!