Sunday, February 10, 2013


Cannon is now in his 3rd year of soccer.  The first two seasons he pretty much ran around in circles on the opposite end of the court.  Last year we even promised to take him to Chucke Cheese if he scored a goal.  That pretty much did nothing.  We had hoped it would spark a fire...not so much.  Yesterday was the organization day and we offered up the same incentive.  Make a goal we will take you to Chucke Cheese! With no "real" game at bay, they did have a scrimmage against the other team, kind of a practice.  Well, low and behold the circle runner had his head in the game and SCORED A GOAL!!! What, seriously?! Yep, he scored and he was so excited.  You should have seen his cute little face as he ran to the sidelines to tell me, "Mom, did you see that? I made a goal! I kicked it in the net!" He was so happy!  Sadly, it was a goal for the other team. But hey we didn't care! We were stoked that he ran out ahead of the rest of the kids and made....a.......GOAL! Seriously proud parent moment as we were expecting nothing but circles again this year, and we full on thought his first "goal" would come as a happen stance.  You know, standing next to the net and the ball bounces off him into the goal.  So this break away is MAJOR progress people! Even his coaches and other parents were excited for him.  We have been playing with the same boys for the last 3 years and they are fully aware of the Chucke Cheese promise! So there was a lot of cheering going on.  Even tonight as he told his aunt Millie about his goal he was just beaming with excitement.  He is so proud of himself. So, tomorrow we will make do on our promise and celebrate with a little Planet Play (Just like Chucke Cheese only closer to our house and C was totally cool to go there instead, so score!) and look forward to an awesome soccer season hopefully with a few more goals! 

Because it was just organization day and not a real game I didn't have my camera.  Just imagine a little blond haired, brown eyed, adorable little boy smiling at you with nothing but grin, satisfaction, confidence and happiness and there you have the picture with the GOAL! Love him! Way to go buddy!