Thursday, February 7, 2013

Say Yay!

If you know Miss Brooklyn then you know this girl has sass! She is full of spunk, character, comedy and already at the tender age of 2 1/2 "lip." This girl isn't afraid to say whats on her mind.  We recently underwent the daunting task of potty absolute LEAST favorite part about parenting.

One day while still in the early stages of this task, Brandon took her to the bathroom.  He sat there with her while she was doing her "thang" and then he hears this;

"Dad, say yay!"
Brandon; "What?"
Brooklyn; "Say yay!"
Brandon; "What are you talking about?"
Brooklyn; "Dad I went potty, say yay!"
Brandon finally realizing what she says starts to giggle then cheerfully applauds her, "YAY Brooky!"

Lets just say we were both surprised at how quickly this girl learned and demanded the art of positive reinforcement.  We are however happy to report that after many a "yays" the Brookster is potty trained, and that my friends is reason for us all to say yay!