Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ogden Dinosaur Park

We spent the first weekend of May in beautiful Pineview Utah. Brandon's boss was kind enough to invite us up to their time share for the weekend. It was gorgeous up Ogden Canyon! We had a yummy BBQ with some choice steaks, a fun night with friends and no sleep thanks to Brooky baby! She decided to pull an all nighter, not exactly what you hope for on on ovenighter with a house full of other people. Thank you Brook! The next morning, after about 2hrs of sleep, we packed up and headed to the Ogden Dinosaur Park. It's been a hundred years since I had been there, so it was fun. I think the kids liked it too. 

 I think sometimes we just get stuck in our day to day and we forget to take advantage of the world around us. Especially here in Utah where we have so many lakes, trails, reservoirs and other beautiful creations! The world is truly amazing and awe-inspiring.

The dinosaur park was fun but I don't know if I would say awe-inspiring. :)
 Here are my Ballers take cover under "Little Foot."
Monkey see, monkey do! Yes, Brooklyn has to copy everything her brother does.
Exploring the WILD dinosaur park!
Little Miss poser! She's a keeper, pretty dang cute!
C-man would fit right in with those Flintstones.  Look how cute he is in this pic!

It was nice to have a little getaway! Thanks for a weekend Brewer Fam!